E-Commerce – assignment

E-Commerce in Your Life

Select ONE option from below to write up a SHORT presentation or summary of one page or less answering the questions or topic.

Option 1:

Think of the indirect use of e-commerce in you life. Are you a gamer with a gaming system? Can you think of additional services available through that system that could be considered an e-commerce application?

Do you watch network TV through web sites such as Criminal Minds at
http://www.cbs.com/shows/criminal_minds/ or HBO through http://www.hbogo.com/?
The use of the online ads being the revenue supporting the network broadcast just as when you watch on a TV the ads support the broadcasting company. In the case of HBO, your TV content service provider subscription pays for you to view online.

Does every form of e-commerce involve funds? What about the trade of services or bartering systems?

What other examples of e-commerce are part of your every day life?

Write up a SHORT presentation or summary of one page or less answering the above questions about your life and e-commerce. The main point is to tell the class your usage of the Internet that supports e-commerce activities.

Option 2:

What factors have contributed to the development of e-commerce such as technology, the economy and customer trends? Write up a SHORT presentation or summary of one page or less to express your feelings of the changes allowing the application e-commerce
to grow.

Option 3:

Social Media such as FaceBook, Google Apps and Second life is now used for e-commerce type of activities. Select a Social Media site to investigate what the site offers. You will have the opportunity to use this site with the marketplace in future assignment options. Post a short summary of your findings.

Here’s some links to help you get started:

Google Apps Marketplace

Second Life

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