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ECO10001 Introduction to the Sections of the Portfolio Assessment – x/30m

o General Comments

In educational settings, a portfolio assessment is a compilation of materials that demonstrates a

student’s understandings and skills developed.

In ECO1001 the Portfolio Assessment has 3 sections which are:

i. A short ‘Student Prepared Revision Exercise with Answers’ – x/5 marks,

ii. ‘Peer-Review Evaluations’ of the student prepared revision exercise and answers – x/5


iii. A longer ‘ULO Portfolio Assessment’ to illustrate and demonstrate understanding of the

ECO10001 Unit Learning Objectives – x/20 marks.

The Student Prepared Revision Exercise with Answers and the Written Portfolio components are

group-based activities (maximum three students per group) whilst the Peer Review Evaluations are

individual-based .

o Comments on the Student Prepared Revision Exercise and Peer-Review Evaluations

It is expected student groups prepare class revision exercises from a previous topic taught, usually

from the previous week. Students are to take responsibility forming their own groups and obtain

teacher endorsement. A schedule for Revision Exercise times will be arranged by the teacher and

student groups will be invited to choose presentation dates. All topics planned should have teacher

prior approval. Ideally there will be one presentation per tutorial date identified. More particular

expectations are:

i. Small student groups are to create and present revision class activities e.g. two MCQs and

2 substantive short answer questions. Revision class activities may draw from the Group

Revision Exercises found in student topic notes but chosen activities should be discussed

with the teacher prior to the presentation. Class members are expected to attempt

(individually or in groups) the Revision exercises prepared by the small group. When

sufficient time has elapsed (e.g. 5 minutes) and with the teacher’s consent, the student

group will publish their prepared answers and the teacher will invite the class to discuss

and make constructive comments about the prepared exercises and answers. Presenting

groups should submit their Portfolio Student Prepared Revision Exercise with Answers in

Word format to Canvas via TurnItIn prior to the event. The Exercise format should the

questions for students to attempt first, and the detailed ‘answers’ second. Students should

note that the teacher’s marking criteria is based primarily on the quality of the written

answers supplied (as are the Peer Reviews). Students presenting should make themselves

familiar with the marking matrix.

Foundation & Pathways

Economic Principles ECO10001

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ii. At the conclusion of the Student Prepared Revision Exercise, all students not having

presented are invited to complete, in that tutorial time only, an on-line Peer Review

Evaluation of the Student Prepared Revision Exercise. Students complete up to a maximum

of 5 Peer Review Evaluations for the Teaching Period and reasoned peer assessments will

be awarded 1 mark each.

iii. The teacher will assess the presenting student group’s written answers (x/5) using the

same criteria that are part the Peer Review Evaluation checklist. This checklist can be

viewed in the Assignments module in Canvas.

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