ECO254 Maine Dreaming Big My Journey to Connect India Book Report


I need help writing a 2 page, double-spaced paper on a specific book. The book is called “Dreaming Big: My Journey to Connect India” by Sam Pitroda.


-Name. hometown, education, professional background (degree, first-job, etc. whatever got them their start), notable positions in their career, and how their career ended.

-What are 3 key themes that the entrepreneur/author presents that are the key to success?

-What was the greatest challenge the entrepreneur overcame/succumbed to?

-Is there an individual the entrepreneur credits with being the leading force being their success (mentor, parents, competitor)?

-Do they have a greatest accomplishment? Do they have a greatest regret?

-How has reading this book impacted you? Please go into great details.

You will need to create a free Amazon account in order to read the book. I will gift you a copy of the book to your account afterwards. If you can’t do this, then DO NOT BID. This rubric is included in a file attached to this question, ALONG WITH A SAMPLE ESSAY SO YOU CAN GAIN SOME INSPIRATION AND SEE HOW THE PAPER SHOULD BE LIKE.

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