ECON101 Aspen University EU Policy of Extraterritorial Border Control Paper

Dear Writer,
I would like to kindly ask you to write me more 9 pages and change the research paper according my teacher requirements. I also send you the voice recording with our conversation. There you can find the whole list of the requirements, please follow them.

Here are the requirements which i put down after the conversation:

2.research question (please do not change it)
3.theoretical section (focused on sandra lavenex+ all others)
4.methodology (do not spend so many words on methodology)
5. A brief section of the framework
– something on the principle of non-refoulement
– more specific human rights 2 pages max on that
empirical section (need to call something like extraterritorial border operations, or development of extra territorial operations)
do not call it results and discussions
in this section i need to discuss the evolution of extraterritorial boarder operation of frontex , pre-hirsi and post hirsi , it ’s a need to include a small section what is hirsi,explain the judgement, the main elements, the problems and explain what is the consequence of the judgement .

And the second part of this empirical section is how the eu slushily to reactive responded to the judgment .

After that comes the conclusion ( 1,5-2 pages where it is important to summarise the main points , how eu changed the externalisation , what falls from that, answer for the research question plus hirsi.

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