Economics of film, writing homework help

The papers should discuss the relevant economic content of the films, preferably as they relate to the readings and class discussion. They should not be critical reviews of the films themselves. They should be double-spaced and use twelve-point type. You may choose your own font. Papers should be between 750 and 1000 words long. Spelling and grammar count

“A” papers are those that are well written, discuss the topic cogently, and add something to what one can know from simply reading the assigned paper, and watching the film. That is, they need to tell me something new and interesting. Please know that I check Wikipedia and the reviews of the movies you watch. So if you use these resources, you must quote them.

Topic: Workers, Industrialization and Happiness

Film: Modern Times (89 minutes)

Reading: Troxell, John P. “Machinery and the Cigar Makers” Quarterly Journal of Economics Feb. 1934 v.48 n.2 pp. 338-353

Bernanke, Ben S., “The Economics of Happiness” Speeches – Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, May 2010.

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