Effective at assessing emergencies, problem solving and decision maker…. 1 answer below »


A graduate from a top accredited dental hygiene program with a record of reassuring and advocacy in preventative care environment. Passionate in providing care and assistance to population in need of oral health improvement.


n LOcal Anesthesia certified

n Computerized local anesthesis (wand) certified

n Cultural competency certified

n osha compliance certified

n Stericycle bloodborne pahosen on-line training

n hippa training

n cpr certified

n Emergency medical Technician certified

skill highlights

  • Basic Vital Signs aptitude
  • Sealants (SE)
  • Topical Fluoride (TF)
  • Skilled in taking tray impressions
  • Study Model pour up and trim
  • Dental equipment maintenance
  • Ultrasonic usage
  • Coronal polishing
  • Amalgam polishing
  • Desensitizing agents
  • Patient educator
  • Computer charting
  • Patterson Eagle Software
  • Dexis Software
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point
  • Front desk procedure expertise
  • Bilingual: English/Polish
  • Appointment scheduling proficiency

Professional experience
08/2016 to 05/2018
Student Hygienist

Fones School of Dental Hygiene – Bridgeport, CT

Provided preventative patient care for 1.5 years in clinic and outside rotations.

Outsiderotations included Pediatric School settings in Bridgeport, CT, Tisdale

School, Norwalk Hospital, Yale Hamden Dental Clinic, Southwest Community

Center.Assessing and recording patient medical and dental history. Evaluate

intra-oral and extra-oral findings and assessing for x-ray needs. Accurately

collect data on restorative and periodontal charting. Creating proper treatment

plan based on needs. Educate patients about proper oral hygiene instructions

and prevention of oral disease.Introduce patient to preventative dental care

and plaque control.Use of proper instruments to examine teeth and gum.

09/2012 to 08/2014 Stratford Emergency Services

Effective at assessing emergencies, problem solving and decision maker.

Extensive hands on experience. Interaction with patient’s families.

Performed basic patient assessment.Monitor patients for changes and

review plans


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