ELCC​ Standard 4.0 and ELCC Standard 6.0, law homework help

1- You just need to describe how ELCC Standard 4.0 and Standard 6.0 can help improving this issue face school today: (Discipline in relation to social media) because some students using social media by bad ways in their schools.

2- I highlight important points you must cover it.

3- Describe ELCC Standard 4.0 and ELCC Standard 6.0 must be between 10 – 15 lines.

4- Each Standard in the separate page.


1- I upload ELCC Standard and you just need to summarize and describe ELCC Standard 4.0 and Standard 6.0

2- you can describe this part when you write summarize ELCC Standard 4.0 and Standard 6.0 because this is an important point (Involve families and community with school in solving this issue: some students use social media with bad way in their school



3- * Please use essay and simple word because I am an international student.

4- *

Please you

must write one or two sentence
introduction and one or two sentence
conclusion because I will read and show these Standards in my classroom

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