Employment Brand is a marketing approach to recruiting, HRMN 495 Week 2 discussion help

Please keep references within 2 years

recall that an Employment Brand is a marketing approach to recruiting, retaining and engaging employees.  It is a way to advertise why potential applicants should come to work for the organization and why those who are already employed, should stay.

You read scholarly definitions of the concepts of differentiation of rewards, segmentation of the workforce, and employment brand.  Using either the organization where you work or an organization of your own choosing.

1. Share what you feel is the stated or unstated employment brand of the organization.

2.  Describe to the class what competencies are required by the organization that the employment brand is attempting to target.

3.  If you were to guess what segment of the labor market the organization is targeting, what would it be?

4.  Provide examples of the rewards that are designed to differentiate the organization in order to attract, retain and engage the segment.

5.  Review the course module/commentary two and give your reaction to the comments made by the then President and CEO of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) about the issues she saw for HR professionals and what new skills are required.

6. Share with the class how you did on the self assessment questions at the end of module/commentary two.

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