EMS3301 Columbia Southern Direct Relief International Organization Case Study Paper


For this assignment, you will utilize the CSU Online Library to search for information about nonprofit organizations that volunteer during times of disaster. You will choose one, and write a case study that contains a review and analysis of the organization. Your paper should address, at a minimum, the following points.

  • Include the mission of the organization and the sources of its funding.
  • Explain how the organization interacts with governments.
  • Give examples of how the organization has assisted in disasters.
  • Share your opinion on why people volunteer with this particular organization.
  • Explain the effect volunteering with this organization has on volunteers and the community.

Your case study should be a minimum of three pages, not including your title and reference pages. You must use at least three sources, two of which must be from the CSU Online Library. All sources used should be cited. Your case study and all references should be formatted in APA style.


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