End of Course Reflection

Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word narrative reflection discussing how your knowledge and understanding of human capital management has changed as a result of this course. Consider using the approach outlined below to facilitate your reflective thinking.The I Used to Think …, Now I Think … approach is designed to facilitate a process of reflective thinking aimed at recognizing your individual development over time (Ritchhart, Church, & Morrison, 2011). Follow the steps below to guide your reflective discovery:Think about the topics discussed in this course.Consider your past and present self in relation to each topic area. After thinking about your past and present self, ask yourself:How did I used to think about _______________?How do I think about ____________________ now?Document your reflection for each course-related topic using the I Used to Think …, Now I Think … approach. Note: You may also adapt “Now I Think” to “Now I Know.”Example: I used to think reflection was a process of summarizing the concepts I learned about, now I know that reflection is a purposeful process of examining my thoughts and actions to help me grow and learn.After you have a better understanding of how your knowledge and understanding has changed, transfer your discoveries into a narrative reflection.Submit your assignment.

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