ENG102 University of Mobile Aeneas Leadership Skills Essay

Submit a basic, five paragraph essay written in the argumentative/persuasive style. Underline the thesis statement. Outside sources are not necessary; your own analytical thinking is sufficient. The lectures provided should help you generate possible ideas. Your main purpose is to prove a point or idea. Aeneas displays tremendous leadership skills as he leads his people out of a falling Troy. How do you know? Why? Where can I find this. The “reader” perpetually asks: How do you know? You must be able to support your claim – your thesis with evidentiary material. Just because he is – doesn’t count. Show the reader “why” and “where” in the text. Later on, when you write your research paper, you will text it one step further and add in an outside source. You will not only show where it is supported in the text, but you will show where it is supported by a scholarly, peer-reviewed author.

Your opinion is fine and grand. But it’s not enough. It needs support. Everything that you write must be run through the “How do you know?” gamut.

So. Where do you begin? Themes.

Code of Honor – Who has it?

Leadership – Who displays it?

Gender Roles – Where are they?

Heroism – Does it exist?

Immortals – Where do we begin???

Fate vs Free Will

Vengeance and Justice

These are just a few to get the wheels turning. Think about these topics and themes. Can you name three examples to support one of these topics? The three examples are your body paragraphs.

The moral of the story:

Paragraph 1: Intro + thesis statement (+ list of examples)

Paragraph 2: Body (Example 1)

Paragraph 3: Body (Example 2)

Paragraph 4: Body (Example 3)

Paragraph 5: Conclusion + restatement of thesis

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