English to Spanish translation foreign languages homework help

Can you put these two paragrahs into spanish ? No online translators allowed

Both my mom and dad prefer an apartment that is close to the mall and restaurants. They also want an apartment that is on the first floor. My father prefers a big apartment but my mother prefers a medium sized one. The ideal apartment for both my mom and dad would have 3 bed rooms, big kitchen, big closet, 2 bathrooms, and a patio. It would also cost about 700$ dollars a month. Also my mom would like white carpet in her apartment.

The ideal hotel for my mom and dad would contain a big bed, one bathroom, a nice view, and a television.  It would also would be close to the mall and many restaurants. Both of them agree they would want the hotel room to be on the third floor. The ideal price for the hotel would be 90$ a day. Also it must be a clean hotel and have free breakfast in the morning. It does not have to be too big a medium room would be perfect.

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