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Enterprise-Architecture Methodologies

From the article, write a recommendation for the appropriate EA method (shown below) that would apply to an organization you select and are familiar with.

These methodologies are discussed in the attached article, “A Comparison of the Top Four Enterprise-Architecture Methodologies”.  This article also provides a comparison of the four approaches and offers a decision method for selecting the appropriate EA method / framework for an organization. (See figure 10). 

1.     The Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architectures —Although self-described as a framework, is actually more accurately defined as a taxonomy

2.     The Open Group Architectural Framework (TOGAF) —Although called a framework, is actually more accurately defined as a process

3.     The Federal Enterprise Architecture —Can be viewed as either an implemented enterprise architecture or a proscriptive methodology for creating an enterprise architecture

4.     The Gartner Methodology —Can be best described as an enterprise architectural practice

Analysis Paper:

Use the selection/comparison method outlined in the article and then expand it to utilize a weighted decision analysis approach, use RUMBA (reasonable, understandable, measurable, believable, achievable). Be sure to include a sensitivity analysis as part of your discussion and add graphs to aid the decision.

The paper should include a summary of the 4 methods and a detailed discussion on the criteria, weights and analysis.

The paper shall have introduction/background, decision discussion, and recommendation/conclusion sections. 

Do further research into each of these methods and include at least 4 additional peer-reviewed sources (in addition to the textbook and the outlined article.  Do not just summarize the article provided. 

Include other sources (online), but these must be peer-reviewed (journal articles, etc).  Consult Google Scholar (http://scholar.google.com), but also refer to library sources on EA.  


Min 8-page paper, excluding the cover page, discussing the above (TNR 12p font, 1.5 line spacing)

Grading Criteria:

Completeness of discussion of all four EA methods – including add’l research

Weighted Decision Analysis including Sensitivity analysis

Overall Presentation – Clear presentation and discussion and recommendation

Source list – MLA formatted and satisfies requirements


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