environmental Science: BIO_104_

For Discussion 1, I wanted to start with prompt based on the reading in the beginning of Chapter 5 (Environmental Economics and Environmental Policy).In the first section of the chapter, the authors discuss ecosystem services. They then go on to describe ecosystem services as having nonmarket values (pg. 94). For the first discuss assignment of the week, specifically read pages 94 and 95. Think of a place outdoors that you enjoy, but don’t own (so not your backyard, but maybe a local or national park or wildlife management area or mountain you like to hike or beach you enjoy visiting, etc.).First, tell the class a little about this place and why you enjoy it from an environmental stand point. Then, try and assign an actual monetary value for each of the nonmarket uses outlined in table 5.1 (pg. 95). Explain how you came up with the value you did.Very Short Ex. Aesthetic Value- Because the white sand beaches, the crystal clear water, I would say the aesthetic value is $2 million. This value is based on other beach-front property values in the area. Do NOT say a value is “priceless,” or points will be deducted.For Discussion 2 Here is your second prompt to discuss for the week. I really hope you like it!Within your job in EM/CJ, pick an environmental disaster that you and/or your department/unit might be called to act upon. They can be, but are not limited to the following topics associated with changes in our environment because of climate change: flash flooding, drought causing lack of food in an area, water restrictions for people because of drought, Ebola outbreak, record cold (6 feet of snow in Buffalo, NY last week in one day!), record heat, gas leak in a local stream because of hydraulic fracking, oil spill affecting a coastline, rising sea levels wiping out entire beach resorts and towns.ID the problem you chose and describe how it might affect your area, describe the people in the affected area and how they might respond to the crisis, what your role would be in helping people in the crisis and what you think people think your role should be. What is your local department/unit currently doing to prepare for this crisis? I expect thoughtful responses. If you use outside sources, please cite them at the end of your response.

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