1. Different regions of the brain:have totally   separate functions and do not need to communicatesend information to   each other mediated via individual neuronssend information to   each other mediated via simple diffusionsend information to   each other through an as yet unknown mechanism10 pointsQUESTION 2In anterogade neuronal      tracing, what part of the cell takes up the tracer?10 pointsQUESTION 3Delivery of large      molecules into cells by pressure injection or generating holes can damage      cells. What technology enables an investigator to introduce a tracer into      a cell in a less immediately destructive manner?10 pointsQUESTION 4What other advantages      are afforded by the technology in question 3?10 pointsQUESTION 5What sort of experiment      might someone do if they wanted to label only cholinergic neurons      (specifically, they might use a particular model animal)?10 pointsQUESTION 6The neuronal tracing      article mentions optogenetically controlled transgenes. What are      optogenetically controlled transgenes?10 pointsQUESTION 7What advance in      fluorescent protein technology makes the simultaneous tracing of hundreds      of neural connections possible?10 pointsQUESTION 8In “Neuroimaging:      Many Analysts, Differing Results” the author uses the mixed gambles      task as an example.Briefly describe the mixed gambles task10 pointsQUESTION 9The experiment described      for the study used functional magnetic resonance imaging or fMRI. Briefly      describe what this is and/or how it works.10 pointsQUESTION 10What are some reasons      why different groups of neuroscientists might derive different conclusions      from the same dataset? How might this affect scientific research? How can      this be addressed?

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