ethical issues that arise in service marketing, assignment help

Please help me reply my classmates post, thank you ! This is dicussion board question.

The following is my classmate post:

There are many ethical issues that arise in service marketing.

Discrimination is a huge controversy in today’s society, whether its sexism or racism. These can both be considered a huge ethical situations that arises on a daily occurrence throughout service businesses. For Example, let’s say a white female account executive is a for a staffing company. Here this account executive meets regularly with clients to discuss their needs of a company and recruit talent at honest and fair bill rates. This account executive meets with a client one day and learns that he is from India and is a Muslim. The account executive decides she does not like this man, because he is a Muslim and she thinks negatively of them. She throws out an absurd pay rate that he becomes extremely upset about being racially discriminated, he calls her managers and demands to fix this.

Solicitation or quid pro quo are quite common in todays business society. Let’s take for example of a staffing company again.. Let’s say Matt is an Account Manager and is working with a client named Kate. Kate offers to pay higher bills rates for their recruiting services if in exchange for personal favors to seek the advantage of her personal life. Here we can see that Matt and Kate are being unethical because they are using trade offs and quid pro quo to seek personal gain.

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