Ethical Systems and Characteristics two parts assignment help

Part one on own page

Ethical Systems and Characteristics


·  Determine which ethical system most closely conforms to your own beliefs.

·  Explain the importance of adhering to ethical standards while working within the criminal justice system.

·  Identify a potential ethical challenge you might face in looking ahead to a career field you are exploring.

·  Evaluate how you would handle an ethical challenge you identified.

Part two on own page

As the Police Chief . . .

Introduction Imagine that you are a newly appointed chief of police in a city of 100,000 residents. The demographics for your city indicate that the residents are predominantly white, with upper-middle-class incomes, and relatively conservative political views. You report to a city manager, who is an accountant by training. The city manager chairs a seven-person city council. Your internal affairs commander has just informed you that one of your first disciplinary decisions involves a female officer being investigated for posing naked in a men’s magazine, and using pieces of her police uniform as props for the photo shoot. Allegedly, the officer readily admitted to having done the photo shoot, and using her uniform and equipment. The internal affairs commander stated that the investigation has substantiated this allegation. The city manager and two city council members have left word with your secretary that they want to know your decision before you propose any action. A local editorial columnist has been following the story, and suggests that your first disciplinary decision will be an indicator of your leadership style. You must decide if the officer should be disciplined, and if so, what the appropriate punishment would be. The punishment ranges from oral reprimand to removal from her position as a police officer. You will also have to justify your decision and articulate your responses to the city manager, the city council, and the media.


main post:

·  Articulate which punishment, from oral reprimand to termination, would be most appropriate for a female officer involved in posing for nude photographs.

·  Explore the potential implications of a police officer’s error in judgment.

·  Determine what you, in a leadership capacity, would have done to prevent this potential problem.

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