Evaluate Five Leadership Personality Dimensions, management homework help

Assessment 1 – Evaluate Five Leadership Personality Dimensions

Module 1 provides you with an introductory foundation into leadership. From identify, evaluating, and analyzing the differences between leadership and management to changes in leadership theories, and innovative approaches to leadership evolutions in organizations. Now, this assessment helps to transition your attention to evaluate the Five Personality Leadership Dimensions. To aid you in completing this assessment write a brief one to two page paper discussing the following questions:

  1. What are the Five Personality Leadership Dimensions? 
  2. How do the Five Personality Leadership Dimensions influence the effectiveness of leadership? 
  3. How can an individual use this information to improve his or her leadership abilities? 

So, you will need to write 750 words and have a minimum of two sources.Be sure to use proper citations and APA formatting in your assessment. It is essential to give credit where credit is do for your online sources, i.e. cite the sources you found and do not copy and paste information from the web into your post and call it your own work – that is a plagiarism. If you have issues with citations or are confused on how to cite, it is encouraged to schedule an appointment with online tutor or writing lab. It is also encouraged to research that information online as well, i.e. how to properly cite information a source according to APA formatting, or what is and what is not plagiarism? 

i need the above assessment with out any plagarism.my school mainly wont accept any plagarism.thank you.

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