ever After and Cinderella 215 movies writing homework help

After watching both Ever After (movie) and Cinderella 2015 (movie), state, develop, and support a claim that is your answer to the following question: How would Danielle De Barbarac respond to Cinderella 2015’s claims that “Where there is kindness, there is goodness. Where there is goodness, there is magic”?

In other words, Imagine these two characters are having a conversation about what it means to be Cinderella – what Cinderella represents or how she should behave. What would Danielle say to Ella concerning this topic? What might Ella say to Danielle? 

Some Tips:

  • Try to create a dialogue with the two characters based on what they have already stated or accomplished in their respective texts.
  • Don’t just specify what they would say to one another with regard to Cinderella-like portrayals on-screen, but explain why they might say such things to one another.

Description:   2 pages; typed, double-spaced; MLA format

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