EWRT1B De Anza College Testimonial Paper on Ready Player One

You are finding sources for Testimonial (Research) Final Paper

In approximately 500 words (3 pages) compile and write an annotated bibliography of three academic, literature-based outside sources that are related to your Ready Player One Testimonial (Research) Paper.

You are finding sources for Testimonial (Research) Final Paper

You DO NOT need an extra works cited page for this assignment because each entry should already have one above it.

Here is my topic: Topic #3

In my testimonial research paper, I will explain the theme of escaping and show the positive and negative effect on living in an unreal life as the main character does. The advance of technology helps people evaluate in their research and the dreams by realizing they want and need. They can even create an extension of themselves living in another world and realization they future situations and life. By definition, the escapism is the fact of being obsessed by a virtual world. The book Ready Player One partially show the theme of escapism which is seen in the character with Wade. Wade describes his experience in the OASIS as the world so that they could forget the difficulties they encounter in life. Thus I will focus on analyzing the positive and negative part of the OASIS because they abused when being online by the constant use of virtual reality.

Criteria for Success/Requirements
  • Academic sources from the library or library databases.
  • No unreliable, unacademic sources like Wikipedia, or other websites. These are not allowed and may result in a failing paper.
  • Please make sure these are literature based, ie writings about Ready Player One. Non-fiction sources on virtual reality, etc. are not appropriate. This IS NOT a non-fiction based research paper.
  • Do not use the first person pronoun (I, we). Or, use it very rarely.
  • A paragraph summary of each source
  • 3 secondary sources total
  • 1 source can be one assigned in class; the other three must be from your own research.
  • Summarize each source according to the requirements here.
  • Ready Player One cannot be used for this assignment because it is a primary source.
  • A MLA work cited entry above each paragraph.
  • Strong sentences that are both grammatically correct and sophisticated

Example of an annotated Bibliography:

Douglas, Mary. “Red Riding Hood: An interpretation from anthropology.” Folklore 106.1/2

(1995): 1. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 7 March 2014.

In this article, Douglas bases much of the interpretation on the research conducted by Yvonne Verdier. The fieldwork involved learning from the eldest women in the village of Minot, Burgundy. Much effort is displayed in examining the earlier French versions of the story before the revisions by Perrault and Grimm. Douglas offers several references of cannibalism and sexual connotations that are prevalent in the early French versions. Hence, the historical information is insightful, and will be useful in comparing the earlier versions to the current account of the narratives written by Perrault and Grimm. Also, I find the article’s examples and reasoning that the tale is a fantasy to be helpful in preparing my analysis of the story.


  1. One-inch margins
  2. 12 point font
  3. double-spaced
  4. Standard font: Palatino, Times, Times New Roman, Arial, etc. (please do not use Courier or Courier New)
  5. MLA header (see the syllabus under “Visual Formatting for Essays and Homework)
  6. MLA page numbers (Last name and page number on every page). Use “insert page number” in MSWord and GoogleDocs.
  7. In-text citations and a Works Cited Page (click here for help).
  8. No extra spaces between paragraphs
  9. Indent paragraphs

The sources you find must be closed related to the topic!!! Must be academic sources from the library or library databases!!!

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