Examine a household sponge. Write at least one paragraph describing the sponge.

This is the rubric for this assignmentParagraph 1:(10/10) Classification of Hippospongia lachne (the type of sponge used to clean with) is given including, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.(10/10) A definition of spongin is given.(20/20) A description of three basic types of cells that make up a sponge is given.Paragraph 2:(10/10) An explanation of how sponges eat and gain nutrients is given.(10/10) An explanation of the two ways sponges reproduce is give.(10/10) The type of sponge cell that a synthetic sponge mimics is given.(10/10) An explanation of how a synthetic sponge mimics a live sponge to pick up dirt is given.General Paper Writing Guidelines(10/10) Correct spelling and grammar are used throughout the report.(10/10) MLA format citation is provided. Citations must include the website address

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