explanation for the origins of the Crusades

Using only the sources provided, primary and secondary, compile on essay (3-4 pages) discussing the explanation for the origins of the Crusades. The sources include and are limited to:

  • Gregory VII Calls for a Crusade
  • Urban II at the Council of Clermont
  • Marcus Bull, “Origins,” The Oxford History of the Crusades
  • Christopher Tyerman, “Erdman, Runciman, and the End of Tradition,” from Debates on the Crusades

-Advance an argument based on the source readings that pertains to the events under review.

-3-4 pages double spaced

-Include a separate works cited page, required for grading, if not included a score of 0

-Chicago Style Notation and References Only, see the HIST 201 Course Guide for guides and videos

-Submit the assignment here and the Unicheck link below to receive credit.




https://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/pointpark-ebooks/reader.action?docID=537613&ppg=27 (STARTS @ P. 15)


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