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Reflect on the assigned reading in section 7.1, “Operation Seduction,” of Chapter 7 in Engaging Questions.

  • In preparation for this week’s Critical Thinking Assignment, introduce a concept, related to a specific community to which you belong, that might also end up being a key concept in your research project.
  • For example, if you were writing a Portfolio Project on commercial zoning of farmland in your local community, you could examine either the concept of “sprawl” or “social capital.”
  • Explain why you chose the concept: who it affects, what makes it a central concept in your particular community, and how it relates to your portfolio project.
  • Include 2 credible sources related to the concept.

Remember to compose a substantive initial post and two response posts.

Peer Post 1:

My topic I chose is not limited to just my community, however, this topic effects every community positive or negative, mostly negavitve. The topic is our rapacious finacial system. Since the financial crisis that struck in 2008, the failings of the banking system have been laid bare for all to see. But, four years on, nobody has come up with an alternative and few acknowledge the extent of change required in banking and finance. A progressive banking system would ensure that there was enough investment in the real economy to create viable opportunities for everyone. It would not expose communities to the dreadful consequences of repeated economic crises. This banking system only creates inflation on an exponetial level, and is built on a house of cards method. This system, like we have seen before, can colapse when we least expect it to. When this happens, parts of the middle class are lost and sent into poverty, while the upper class buys up the assest and in turn becomes more weathy and will continue to repeat its self until there is object poverty for billions. This system needs to be restructured by the people, not buy the rich who are benifiting off of these detrimental losses. 

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Peer Post 2:

The community I live in the Central Valley of California.  This region is none for the farming that supplies many parts of the country with many crops including: almonds, peaches, citruss, grapes, and even artichokes.  For the most part if it grows, it is being farmed in my community.  The Central Valley is also home of the Delta, which is the deepest channel in the country allowing for cargo ships to go as far inland as Stockton, Ca bringing many jobs to this region.  

California is in the midst of one of the worst droughts in history, and with this drought there has been a lot of political fighting for the rights of water.  The southerners in California have proposed a twin tunnels to ship water from the northern part of Califonia to the Southern parts of the state.  The reasoning behind this is the North has more water then we need, and the South has no water.

I will be writing my research paper on the twin tunnels and how the project is deviding the state, and is almost bringing out an arms war.  We have seen situations where families have even protested the tunnels, showing up with guns and saying they would not let the tunnel’s construction start.  The problem with this projec is it was never put up for a vote, and to reference the Central Valley Business Journal. “The fact that the bill has never been able to be voted on shows that the southerners are afraid to let the people decide on this project.”  What we are seeing in this state not only in the region is the numbers that support the project are all over the place and for this reason the more people that do there research the more people do not agree on the twin tunnel project.  In a report by the Dr. Micheal, the Chief Business and Policy Researcher, “Says that the project will only actually save 23 cents as compared to the 46 cents for every dollar spent on the project.”  

These numbers are just another sign of how the number and policies do not add up.  A couple other policy that show that the water is dividing the state.  In Riverside County, that is located in the southern part of the state, they are allowed to water there yard with no regulations.  In my area we are only allowed to water our yard two days a week and for only five minutes a week.  The regulations are not fair and this twin tunnel is trying to ship water from the north where our communities have started to concerve water, to a community that doesnt really care about the conservation of water.


E Stevens. (2016) Eggman’s Anit-tunnel billl stalls in committe. Central Valley Business Journal. Print. Pg 23

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