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Exploring the Meaning of Death: Cadavers

The word cadaver, unlike some of the other words that we use to describe the deceased, is almost unilaterally evocative of dead bodies used in medical education, or scientific exploration. One of the books required for this course is the book Stiff: The curious lives of human cadavershttps://www.amazon.com/Stiff-Curious-Lives-Human-Cadavers-ebook/dp/B00421BN2C/ref=mt_kindle?_encoding=UTF8&me=

It is by far one of my favorite “death” books…and it helps answers some of the questions I always wondered about prior to becoming a thanatologist!

Perhaps you, too, have wondered . . .

For this week, we will focus on Mary Roach’s book Stiff. I highly recommend that you jot down your questions, your thoughts, and your “learnings” along the way.

  • Read Introduction to “Stiff”
  • Choose 2 or more chapters from “Stiff” (if you can put it down once you start reading it, that is)
  • Read Chapter 5 from the Corr text
  • View short video on how one medical school in Taiwan incorporates donated cadavers for practicing surgical techniques
  • View TED talk on cadaver treatment in Indonesia

Questions to answer:

In this discussion forum we will discuss “Stiff.”

Choose one chapter from the book and lead the discussion in your thread on the chapter. Join in at least one other discussion on another chapter. You will see that unlike the other weeks, I did not lock the discussion forum, so you can see others’ posts prior to adding your own. I did that to ensure that everyone wasn’t coming up with the same chapter questions…you have to pick something unique! =)

If you repeat a chapter, take the discussion in a different direction that the “other” thread on that chapter.

Put the chapter title in the title of your discussion thread.

This is not a technical reading but a reading to generate conversation about how we define death, how we think about death and dead bodies, and the relationship between who we are as spiritual beings and our corporeal body. In your discussion thread, think about addressing questions like these, or generate your own questions.

  • What happens to “us” after we die?
  • What difference does it make how our corpse is treated after we die?
  • What seems to be a good “use” for a corpse?
  • What are your thoughts on the two uses of corpses that we saw in the videos? How does that relate to Chapter 5 in the Corr book?
  • Your own question of the Stiff chapter of your choice

The important part in discussion is to think about and engage the reading and course content.

TED TALK Video: https://www.ted.com/talks/kelli_swazey_life_that_doesn_t_end_with_death?language=en

Medical School video: 

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