Extending the Discussion of Globalization, Environment and Society

Base on the PDF:

My first question is below:

After reading Catton’s and Dunlap’s “Environmental Sociology: A New Paradigm”, comment on what you see as the strengths andweaknesses of both the HEP and NEP views. Also, address what paradigm resonates with you most in the context of our discussion on globalization change, environmental sustainability, our readings from the last module, AND explain your logic/reasoning.

My second question is below:

Catton’s article (Understanding Humanity’s Damaged Future) exposes us to several concepts, not the least of which, is the interesting idea of Homo colossus. He paints a rather dire picture of the future that may or may not be exaggerated. I first want you all to explain whether you think Catton is exaggerating or presenting an accurate portrayal of our future. Second, I want you all to articulate what path must globalization proceed on if it must proceed at all? Explain your reasoning by referencing the articles/chapter we have reviewed to this point in the semester . Finally, after reading this second article, has your view of the first article in this module changed? In what way? Explain.

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