Facebook, marketing discussion help

1. Go to http://library.fullerton.edu and in the basic search box – just search, “Facebook”. Choose one interesting current article that has not been chosen by another student. In 3-4 lines, please summarize the one article with some info that you found. Please be specific and reference your source.

Pick the new from the page after 5-6.

2. Using the ABI/INFORM database, please find some current and interesting news on Twitter, Snapchat or Pinterest; at least 2 articles. 

Please briefly summarize some of the information you found (3-4 lines). You cannot list information that has already been listed by another student replying to this forum.

3. Using the Factiva database, please research Nielsen Holdings PLC (NLSN). Please go to Factiva |Click on Companies/Markets | Click on Company | Enter NLSN in the Search box. 

Please answer one of these questions, not repeating what a previous student has said.

i) Not including Nielsen, who are the first three peers (i.e., competitors) listed? What is the main business for each of the peers?

ii) Click on Reports and peruse different reports. How is Nielsen performing? Please quote some numbers from the reports. How is Nielsen performing versus its peers? Please quote some numbers.

iii) Please share some recent news about Nielsen

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