Factors Needed to Effectively Address Clinical Problems

Clinical ProblemsWe will delve into factors needed to effectively address clinical problems.

  • Clinical experience
  • Ability to correctly formulate a clinical question
  • Ability to find the answer to it

Types of clinical questions that need to be resolved with questions regarding a particular patient

  1. Treatment– evaluating the effectiveness of treatment interventions. The clinical outcome is an improvement in the condition of patients or a decrease in the risk of complications.
  2. Risk assessment is an assessment of the possible adverse effect of various influences on the condition of patients, morbidity and mortality.
  3. Diagnostics– an assessment of the information content of a particular diagnostic method.
  4. Forecast– assessment of the further course of the disease

Characterizing a well-formulated PICOT question

  • Aimed at achieving a specific goal
  • Study parameters well defined
  • Scientific-clinical and relevant
  • To which it is possible to receive an answer

To formulate a PICOT question correctly, it is necessary to define the problem, i.e.:Clinical Problems

  • First, determine who this question is about (How would I describe a group of patients like mine).
  • Determine which intervention is being considered for a specific (this) patient (eg, drug therapy).
  • What intervention is the intended intervention compared to?
  • Determine the desired or undesirable outcome.


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