Familiarise you with contemporary performance management and appraisal (review) challenges that… 1 answer below »

The purpose of this assignment is to: Familiarise you with contemporary performance management and appraisal (review) challenges that organisations may face and present this information for a non-HR professional. By completing this assignment, you will gain practice in analytical thinking and succinct written communication skills. You will learn how to organise a short report appropriate for a staff seeking HR advice. You will get practice in preparing HR advice (short report), planning, gathering and organising research. You might think of the HR Advice as a How to Guide that is based on academic literature. The HR advice will summarise the academic literature on performance management or a performance appraisal issue (see topics below) for a senior departmental manager. You should assume that the senior manager is experienced but is NOT a HR manager, as such you should be mindful of using unfamiliar terms. You must cite at least 5 relevant, recent (2010+) academic references. The HR Advice should be approximately 1500 words, not including the references, reference list and cover page. The advice should be presented as a short, written report, and as such can include headings. Explain the: Topic “Challenges in managing knowledge workers to ensure top performance “ Following reminders. 1. Topic is related to performance management 2. Topic is clearly stated at the beginning of the assignment 3. The target audience is clearly defined 4. The reason that prompted you to issue the advice 5. Actual advice with proper in-text references 6. Conclusion 7. Reference List with correct formatting

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