Familiarize yourself with the MS Access database for the assignment. a) Create a new Project in…

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to become proficient in the programming with • Big Data Analytics • OOP and Database interfaces

1) Familiarize yourself with the MS Access database for the assignment. a) Create a new Project in Visual Studio called HW5XXX, where XXX is your initials or team number. b) Transfer data from the worksheet titled INFORM Epi P@P 2020 (a-z) in the workbook inform-epidemic-p2p-risk-index-2020_v041.xlsx c) Replace any missing data in a column with the average of the numbers in the column. Some missing data is denoted by ‘x’. d) Create a connection to the MS Access database and create a DataSet to receive the data from the database using the same procedure that you used for the previous Homework Assignment. e) Make sure that you save the MS Access file as a 2002-2003 version.

2) Make the MS Access database a Data Source for your application. Create a DataLink class and Copy/Paste the Datalink code from the Homework 4 solution into your application

3) Create a class called Risk. Define properties in this class for the columns of data in the Data Table. Note that the names of the properties do not have to match the spelling of the columns of the Data Table, but the property names should be descriptive and self-explanatory.

4) Create an ObjectCreator class and write code to transfer the data from the MS Access DataBase into the properties of the Risk class. Use the code from Homework 4 as a template. Make sure that you spell the names of the column headings of the Data Table exactly as they appear in the Data Table.

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