Family Medical Leave, Management homework help

The US portrays itself as a “family friendly” country. However, the United States has no mandatory paid leave of any kind, maternity, paternity, sick leave, vacation or many other protections which would allow parents to focus on the health of their children. In 1993 the US passed the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) although there was substantial opposition from businesses believing that this would drive them out of business. Currently, very few businesses have any substantial objections to FMLA and the law is now not considered controversial. 

However, there is a current legitimate discussion about providing paid parental leave or sick leave to all US workers. Some cities and states have experimented on a small-scale but there is no national consensus. (Links to an external site.)

Should paid maternity/paternity (parental) leave be the law in the US and if so how could it be reasonably crafted?

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