Fast food industries vs restaurants

I have received approval from the professor and my research project will be about: Fast food industries vs restaurants 1. Problem statement 2. Briefly discuss the research objectives and variables to be measured 3. Briefly how the sample population was chosen 4. Develop a questionnaire : o Develop at least three qualitative open-ended questions with measurement instruments o Develop at least five quantitative closed-ended questionswith measurement instruments o Develop the questions pertaining to personal information of the subjects in the study 5. Briefly explain the method of data collection (Interview, observation, questionnaire) o Briefly describe why that data collection method was chosen 6. Briefly describe how the data will be analyzed 7. Briefly describe the findings of the project o Include a chart or graph to present the data 8. Briefly describe the limitations of the study 9. Briefly describe the conclusions of the study 10. Generalization: Do you believe that the study could be replicated with anothersample population and the results would be similar? Briefly explain your answer.

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