Final Essay

APA format, 5 pages, in-text citation, references includedAnswer the 4 questions find in the attachment.Essay questions should begin with an introductory paragraph, containing sufficient background information to establish the basis of the response and leading to a thesis statement that clearly states the position you are taking. The body of the essay response should contain the main points related to the thesis. Supporting examples are concrete and detailed. The narrative is developed with a consistent and effective point-of-view, showing the line of argument in detail. Evaluate the significance, potential impacts, and the ramifications of the issue at hand. Optionally, you may end your essay response with a short but meaningful conclusion section. In any conclusion, do not repeat what you have already described in the main body of the response.Make sure to follow most recent approved APA Style Guide in preparing your responses. Abstract(s) are not requiredRemember to include references for each response and remember the quality of your references is an important part of the scoring of your essays at the graduate school level. Place the applicable references at the end of each essay response, NOT at the end of the end of the exam.

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