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 Please choose a publicly traded (listed) company that you are interested in. You can choose a local company listed on Dubai Financial Market or an international/foreign company listed on New York, or London stock exchange. i attached two annual reports( choose one of them , or please search for other  reports

2. Find the most recent Annual Report for your company. You can find most annual reports at the website of your company, under investor relations.

3. Prepare a report on the selected company that addresses the following two parts

Part A: provide a background and summary of the company and its business, for example it should contain:

a. Name of company

b. Name of chairman and CEO

c. List of the products sold or services performed

d. Date of the financial statements

e. Name of the auditors of the financial statements

f. Name of the stock exchange where the company is listed

Part B: Answer the following questions:

1. Who is responsible for the preparation of the financial statements? Support your answer with evidence from the annual report.

2. Which Big-Four accounting firm audited the company? What impression does the auditor’s report convey?

3. For the recent three years, list the amounts reported for Revenue, Operating Income (EBIT), Net Income and Dividends. Comment whether the three years trend of revenues is favourable or unfavourable.

4. Is the balance sheet presented in a classified and comparative format? How can you tell?

5. For the recent three years, list the amounts reported for “Current Assets”, “Long term Assets”, “Intangibles”, “Current Liabilities”, “Long term debt” and “Stockholders’ Equity”. Does the accounting equation hold true for this company? Is the company growing and expanding?

6. Does the company use cash-base or accrual-base accounting? How can you tell?

7. Find the cash flow statement for the recent three years. List the net cash flows from each of the three activities; operating, investing and financing. Comment on your results.

8. For the recent three years, how much the Earnings per Share (EPS)? What is meant by EPS?


2- Length of the report is from 1500 words.

3- You should use a Microsoft Office Word and Times New Roman Font of 12 points.

4- Be sure to provide what the scale of your numbers is (i.e., thousands, millions, or whatever scale you choose).

5- add a reference list at the end of report.

6- provide support for your answer and show relevant formulas.

7- Note that company web pages may be a source of additional information but please keep in mind the date of the annual report that you analyse.

8- Other sources of information include the chairman/director’s report (also known as MD&A) as well as the footnotes to the financial statements.

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