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A student will write a two-page analysis paper about one movie.

The paper must be two pages in length and typed in double-space with a 12-point font size, and it must have two separate pages as described below;

• Page 1: A brief review on the movie with a student’s own words (no quotations 7 & do not do any research about the film, director, actress, etc. – I want to hear your own interpretation), including a title of the movie, director’s name, and a year of production, e.g., Syndromes and a Century (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2006), plus a brief description of one scene you will analyze in Page 2.

• Page 2: Analyze all camera work (movement, focus, zoom, lens type, level/angle, etc.) you have found in the scene mentioned in Part 1, writing why, you think, the director made such decisions.

# the film it’s called <Félicité> Director: Alain Gomis.

# you have to pay $4 to watch it on youtube. I will put that on tips.


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