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DISCUSSION 1I have uploaded all the milestones for this assignment.In this discussion, you will present an overview of your final project. Your overview should include a discussion of all the areas of your paper including the literature review, the proposal, and the conclusion. This discussion will provide you with a final informal opportunity to discuss the different aspects of your paper.In many cases, writing about things informally can help you put ideas into order and work through things that are difficult for you to communicate. As a result, it is a good idea to include as much detail as you can in the discussion so that you can work through all the problems that may come up as you finalize the paper. You should also try to incorporate feedback you have received from completion of the different milestone tasks.DISCUSSION 2Use the attachment SCS 100 Module six reflection guideline and rubric in referring to the IQ test developed1905IQ tests developedUsing standardized tests, Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon develop a scale of general intelligence on the basis of mental age. Later researchers refine this work into the concept of intelligence quotient; IQ, mental age over physical age. From their beginning, such tests’ accuracy and fairness are challenged.DISCUSSION 3Complete the attachment SCS 100 Module six guideline

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