Format: REPORT Length: 2500-3000 words You are to conduct a strategic analysis and strat

Format: REPORT             Length: 2500-3000 words You are to conduct a
strategic analysis and strategy evaluation, and
write a report on
a real-life business. Please note that this report
will focus on business-level strategy. You are required
to select a real-life organisation (
or a strategic business unit (
SBU)) for this assignment. You are advised to
conduct a preliminary research (e.g., browse organisation websites and annual reports) prior to deciding which organisation (or its SBU) will be selected for your assignment so as to make an informed choice. Write a
2500 – 3000 word report, including 200 words of an executive summary, but excluding references and appendix. In this
report, you are
MUST perform the following tasks: 1. Describe briefly the background information (strategic context) of the firm (or SBU) you have selected. This information should be brief and relevant to the discussion of your assignment and thus may include ownership, history, size, business scope, major products/services, and major markets of the firm (or SBU) selected. 2. Conduct a macro-environment analysis for the entire industry within which the firm (or SBU) operates. You should use the analytical framework provided in the textbook. Foci will be placed on the understanding of the purpose of this analysis, the identification of key factors and their implications in terms of key opportunities and threats, and the discussion of their overall impact on the industry growth in the future. Draw your conclusion based on your macro-environment analysis. 3.      Undertake an industry (competitive) analysis using Porter’s 5-forces model. You are required to pay attention to the purpose of this analysis, the inter-connectedness of different aspects of the competitive forces, the links between the competitive forces and macro-environment, and their overall impact on the industry and the organization selected in terms of main driving forces in the competitive environment. Draw your conclusions based on your five- force analyses. 4. Identify those resources and competences of the firm (or SBU) that are likely to provide sustainable competitive advantage. Justify why these resources and competences can be regarded as strategic capabilities using the four criteria covered in the textbook. 5. Identify and discuss the generic type of business strategy the firm (or SBU) implements by examining its strategy statement and/or its value chain activities. 6.      Evaluate the suitability of the firm’s current business strategy based on the outcomes of your analysis and integration above (e.g., the identification of the firm’s current business strategy and the most significant factors affecting the firm’s performance, and your understanding of business strategy).  
….. References should be utilised within this Report to validate the information presented, and should be drawn from academic sources and organisational information such as the website and annual reports. The business press may be used sparingly to identify relevant issues.
Complete this assignment by developing your the following areas: ·  
Understanding of the key concepts, models, theories, and analytical concepts covered from the relevant Modules (1-4, 6, 11) in this Course; ·  
Developing your ability to apply strategic management concepts and theories to the organisation selected, particularly in analysing its strategic position, and evaluating its suitability; ·  
Enhancing your capability in critical think through evaluating existing strategic concepts, analytical frameworks, and theories; and ·   
Developing your generic skills for pursuing your professional career in the areas of team work, communication, and report writing.
Advisory notes for this assignment ·   You should conduct an extensive information search on the organisation selected.
·   Company websites, annual reports, and media reports are important sources of such information, but their objectives, and thus credibility, should be carefully analysed and evaluated.
·   You should use appropriate concepts and analytical tools in your report.
·   The report should be written in prose; however limited use of dot points is acceptable.

Guide for assignment presentation ·         Written assignments must be presented in a professional format. ·         Quality of presentation, especially literacy, will be considered in the marking criteria. ·         Written communication skills are an essential component of  the school’s courses. ·         All sources of information must be fully referenced using standard Harvard referencing system. ·         You are encouraged to use referencing software such as Endnote for referencing and formatting. ·         The assignment should be in report format and use Times New Roman font size 12, double line spacing.

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