Freud s ideas discussion week 4 help

Could you please make a reply for about 100 words of this comment this is part of the discussion about Freud you just did to me.

Here is the other student comment.

I personally agree with you that Freud’s ideas and explanations for a theory of personality has both parts that we can relate to as well as parts that do not necessarily make any sense. I agree that the ID is our instinctual side and sometimes its presence can be made known, but I do not necessarily agree that sexual desires drive our every single move, just as you do. You also spoke about how you have previously learned about his theory before at some point, and I have too. Any person who takes even a general psychology class in high school or college will hear his name and his theory, and that is exactly what Freud wanted. He wanted to be remembered for years and generations to come, and he has been and will continue to be because his theory was ground breaking.

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