Generate a poster on a science article, and make a small infographic/poster to explain the science.

Generate a poster on a science article of your choice.Probably the easiest way to find something that interests you is to read the popular press (NY Times, etc.) and find an article that is interesting.  Find the primary literature behind the article, and make a small infographic/poster to explain the science.You must include primary references on the presentation.I’ll print them out and post them in the science lab hallway, so since your name will be on it…do a nice job.The idea behind it is to make a poster or presentation that explains a science article to the lay-public.James Kennedy (a chemistry teacher) does a nice job of this and it may be helpful to view some of his work as inspiration. (Links to an external site.)Click on the ‘Posters’ link to see some of his fun infographics.  This is just an example- you are not obligated to talk about chemistry.Now, perhaps more than ever, it is important to develop the skills to explain and present science to non-scientists.  Science has moved way beyond what most people can understand and that leads to misunderstanding, mistrust and fear.

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