Geography 412 Paper Guidelines city of london writing homework help

I have a term paper  for geography and it needs to be 10 pages all about London. I have included an attachment for details, any help is much appreciated! 

Geography 412 Paper Guidelines
General Directions: Your topic must be on an at least moderately sized city that is not in
your home country. You are free to use any of the standard citation formats as long as it is
consistent. Either footnotes or endnotes are acceptable. Please include page numbers on
each page but the title. The paper should be at minimum ten pages of text. Pictures and
maps would be very wise to include as well but they do not count toward the ten page
minimum. The paper is due to for submission on Blackboard on April 11, 2016. The
paper should be double spaced, 12 pt. type in either Times New Roman or Helvetica font.
There will be a discussion board on Blackboard for you to log in your city choice by the
end February. The board for that will be open starting 1/22/16.
Restrictions: No USA cities are allowed as topics. If you are not from the USA, you
are not permitted to use a city from your home country.
Sources: You should have at least seven sources and not all may be Internet. Wikipedia is
not acceptable but the notes in any articles could be if you follow links. You must have a
bibliography page.
Title Page: Please have a creative title and a colorful title page.
History: The history should explain the development and evolution of the city. Why was
this site chosen? What were the factors (site and/or situation) that led to its growth? Were
there natural resources?
Name: What does the name of the city mean? What language is the source? Has its name
Sights/Landscape: What are the most well known features of the city? These could be
buildings, museums, districts, natural features. Be the tourist—what would you want
to go see. You should have at least five sights, ideally with a few pictures.
Population Characteristics: How many people live in the city? What is the ethnic
makeup? Are there ethnic sections of the city? What income disparities exist?
Problems/Conclusion: What are, in your opinion, some of the most pressing problems
for your city? What do you think the future holds? This section must be at minimum one
and a half pages. Failure to analyze will lead to significant point deduction.

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