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A) ( Organic Act)

B) (This land is your land, The Power of Parks)…

C) ( The importance of the Secretary in shaping National lands policy……

D) ( About NPS)

E) (NPS units and their descriptions)

F) (Diversity in National Parks) opinions/2015/7/heres-why- americas-national-parks-are- so-white.html…

H) (Economic impact of National Parks to surrounding communities)

Use the above articles to answer the following questions:

1) Discuss the Organic Act – the potential issues, and challenges for balancing needs

2) Summarize the steps to create a Plan for the NPS.

3) How is the NPS organized? (Include all levels of management)

4) How influential is the President and Secretary of the Interior in shaping National Parks and/or public lands policy?

5) Discuss the problem with diversity in the National Parks.

6) What is the message of “How National Parks Tell Our Story – and Tell Who We Are”?

7) How do the National Parks affect local economies? (Does visitor spending extend to the gateway communities?)

This should be about 2 pages in length. All papers should be single space, 11 pt. font, Times and Roman.


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