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For this discussion, you will switch gears and try to see things from the perspective of an inmate. As a person with a prior conviction for armed robbery for which you already did 3 years, you are now facing 15 hard years for armed robbery and aggravated assault for shooting a convenience store clerk. What role would you assume?

There are a variety of typical roles that inmates assume in prison.  You will choose the following role:  The opportunist.  The opportunist takes advantage of the positive experiences prison has to offer. Schooling, trade training, counseling, and other self-improvement activities are the focal points of the opportunist’s life in prison. Opportunists are generally well liked by prison staff, but other prisoners shun and mistrust them because they come closest to accepting the role that the staff defines as “model prisoner.”

  • Give examples of why or how this particular inmate role would help you to survive in prison.
  • Analyze how this particular prison role might give you an advantage with the guards.
  • Compare the advantages of one prisoner role as you see them to one other role.

Use the following source as 1 of your references:  Schmalleger, F. J. (12/2014). 
Criminal Justice: A Brief Introduction, 11th Edition.   (Chapter 12 talks about inmate prison roles).

Use 1 or 2 additional scholarly sources for references in APA Format.  1 page of material is required and include in-text citations.

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