GMO Essay

Using the posts made within each forum, compose an essay that incorporates answers to the following questions:What is the common perception/understanding of what GMOs are with the general public (Think about Week 1 forum posts)?What are some of the examples of GMOs? (Think Week 2 forum posts)?What are some of the benefits to GMOs? Drawbacks? How are these benefits and drawbacks evaluated in terms of making new GMOs? (Think Week 3 and 4 forum posts)?What types of information are available regarding GMOs? Which types are most helpful to the population as a whole? What types of information need to be more readily available to the population? How would you propose making this information available? (Think Weeks 5-7).How has your perception of GMOS changed through the course?Your essay should be1500 words minimum. You will be graded based on the rubric provided.

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