Hardware and Software Options for Sales Management

Support your answers with examples and research and cite your research using the APA format.

Sales Management

A business-to-business (B2B) company has fifty customers responsible for 80 percent of the company’s revenue. All of the customers, including five local and state government agencies, require special face-to-face contacts.

Due to the complexity of the new product the company is rolling out, a team-selling approach pairing up junior and senior salespeople will be used. Early in the introduction of the product, the sales force will be required to enter a significant amount of information from the field into the company’s network.

The marketing director has asked you to take the necessary measures to keep her up to date on the progress of the rollout, but your company lacks an automated system for capturing field data.

Using your University’s Online Library, search sales and marketing literature for information on the types of sales management hardware and software available in the market for such a task.

Evaluate the sales management hardware and software and create a comparative table to judge the merits of the different options available.

Select the best three hardware and software options for the scenario discussed.

Justify your choices with valid assumptions and logically driven arguments. Cite any sources using APA format.

Submit your responses to the above questions in 700–800 words.

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