Health and Human science 450 reflection 2

HSCI 450: Reflection II: 30 PointsThis assignment is required to be two full pages. There will be a 5-point penalty for papers fewer than two full pages, but at least a page and a half. There will be a 15-point penalty for submissions that are less than one page.Spelling and grammar: 0.5 points will be   deducted for spelling and grammar exceeding four or more errors.Introductory paragraph: write a brief   paragraph describing what you will discuss in the body of the paper5 pointsHere you should reflect upon what you have   learned in the first half of the course. The list of topics and questions are   only here to assist you in constructing your paper. You may, however, write   about anything you have learned in the course.Content:1. Training   and development2. Motivation3. Communication4. Strategic   planning5. SWOT   analysis6. Human   resource management7. Do’s   and Don’ts of delegationQuestions:1. What   have you learned in the second half that may assist you in your future   healthcare role?2. Are   there any management strategies you might use in a future leadership or   management position?3. Which   of the supplemental readings or activities did you find the most useful and   why?4. Do   you believe you are now better equipped to motivate workers in the workplace?20 pointsConclusion: summarize the main points of your   paper and write your final impressions.5 points

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