Health Care Managaement Questions

Question 1: Maynard was a terminally ill woman, suffering from inoperable brain cancer, who chose to take a fatal dose of barbiturates in the presence of her husband, her friend, and parents. She and her family moved to Oregon so, she can carry out her decision to end her life. Oregon passed the Death with Dignity Act. Read Chapter 3 End of Life Dilemmas, and the information in the link below and answer the following questions:Death with Dignity ActIn a respectful manner, discuss Brittany’s decision. As a health care professional, do you support her decision?Should more states pass the same Act?Support your discussion with terms and concepts from the assigned reading and from sources that you found through research.Always respond to two or more of your classmates in a meaningful way, and in a way that brings new content to the conversation.I know that you or your classmates may have experience with the loss of loved ones, thank you in advance for your thoughtful and respectful input and interaction on this important topic.Question 2:Study the questions asked in the Baldrige Criteria- then select what you believe are the “Top 3” most difficult questions for an organization to answer and justify your reasoning.Question 3:How are the policies of the Exchange identified in NYS?With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act discuss:How are the policies of the Exchange identified in NYS? Are they all the same cost?What disparities have the beneficiaries of the Exchange insurance policies experienced?Name at lease 3 disparities (challenges) and discuss the impact to their healthcare services.

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