Health spa launching a new weight loss treatment health and medicine homework help

This is my part of the team assignment

Discuss the messages and communication activities the team will use. Discuss your rationale for using them.  THIS WILL BE A GREAT CATEGROY since we have so many meduims smart phonee, internet email blast, etc  I will need about 200-250 words

This is the assignment

Be sure to follow the grading form attached to this assignment.

Imagine you work for a marketing firm and you have been assigned to work with a new health care client. The client needs a communication strategy for a new product they are launching soon.

Choose ONLY ONE of the following:

  • Health spa launching a new weight loss treatment

Prepare a paper in which you create a 12-month communication strategy for your client. The communication strategy paper is 800-1,000 words in length (not including the title and reference pages).  The paper discusses the following, in sections and in the same order you see below: 

  1. A brief description of the product or service the team will launch
  2. Describe the target audience, including its specific demographic characteristics. Discuss why this is the correct target audience for this product (or service).
  3. Discuss the messages and communication activities the team will use. Discuss your rationale for using them. 
  4. Discuss how different communication modalities would be effective in marketing your product or service to different age groups
  5. Discuss the concept of an integrated communication campaign.  Describe what it is;  then discuss how your team would use it to reach your target audience.
  6. Discuss the concept of transparency.  Describe what it means; then give specific examples of successful industries or companies that have used transparency to enhance their effectiveness.  Discuss how the team would apply this to your strategy.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. See grading form for details.

Cite three peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references (not including the course textbooks)

This is the intro so that yo ca have an idea of  what is needed 

A new client has a ground breaking health and Wellness weight loss product and fitness facility for women of all ages. Dr. Wells M.D. is also a health and wellness expert and has come to our marketing firm, Universal Marketing, to get her product to its target market and facility advertised to the community which has an overall population within a 20-mile radius of 300,000 women of working age. The product is a fat burning herbal product which is made of all natural ingredients and it comes in a Liquid, powder, as well as a soft gel pill form to make it easier for consumption by everyone and it is time released and works with your metabolism.  The facility is managed by all Female Certified Personal Trainers it has the latest state of the art equipment, a large female oriented locker room, an internet lounge and Organic Juice Bar. The facility is set in a large parking lot in a major shopping center well lighted at night with 24-hour mobile security. Dr. Wells and her Physician Assistant are available on site for medical counsel to assist you in reaching your weight loss and fitness goals. Dr. Wells is also offering discounts on products and services to local vendors and businesses, health care entity employees, senior citizen reduced cost and Children’s Fitness and Wellness classes. Adult preventative care education classes are also available.  

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