help to complete Major & Career Strategic Plan Assignment

Major & Career Strategic Plan Assignment
General Questions

Please use the following format for the document:

All margins: 1 inch.

Font: Times New Roman 12 Point.

Line Spacing: Single.

Maximum Length: 2 pages.

Answer the following questions in your own words:

ü  What is the scope and future of IT/IS?

ü  What is your major? State the rationale for selecting this major.

(My major is accounting. When I was in high school I took an accounting class and decided that accounting was a really good major for me. During accounting course I discovered that accounting is not important just for business it’s important in personal life by control of your personal financial. Beside as accountant I have an opportunity to work locally, nationally or globally).

ü  What is the current role of IS/IT in your discipline?

ü  Describe your short term and long-term goals.

(My short-term goal as collage student is to build strong experience by internship in any important investment company, Development course. My long-term are to have a great job with new responsibilities, work on own business step by step).

ü  Describe and justify your strategy and plans to achieve these goals.

ü  Outline/Chart your ideal career path using a timeline.

ü  Provide a vision for the role of IS/IT and the important contributions of IS/IT in your potential career.

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