Help with childcare powerpoint

you will create a timeline of the history of early childhood education.

You are encouraged to use creativity in how you present your timeline information. Timelines can be vertical, horizontal, or follow a curved pattern. Your timeline can be created using,Power Point,

Suggested steps:

  • Make a list of important events in early childhood education
  • Decide how to organize your timeline by creating a sample timeline on paper. Once you have the events listed chronologically, you can decide how to layout out your timeline (determine time increments – example 1 year, 5 years, 10 years)
  • Determine which events will be supported by simple descriptions and which events may need more details included on the timeline
  • Add at least 2 creative elements; for example: different colors, pictures, background images, sketches, etc.

The final product submitted should include 15 events from the history of early childhood education. The timeline should be readable and creative.

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