highway plan

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(1)Go to “Kentucky Transportation Cabinet” home page.

(2)Go to “Maps” tab.

(3)Select “Project Plan Archive 1900 to Present” under Interactive Maps.

(4)(a)Select a “County” – Rowan

(b)Select Route Prefix “KY” or “US”

(c)Select a ‘Route Number’

(d)“Zoom To”

(e)Use “Zoom, Pan, Identify” to Select right-of-way plan sheet

(f)Copy Plan Sheet

(5)What is the highway name and/or route number, plan number and name and sheet number selected?

(6)What stations does the plan sheet cover?Does it include profile as well as plan view?

(7)Select a parcel of land and identify the owner, parcel number and determine if land was taken by the highway project.

(8)Highlight the property lines of the parcel and the area taken for the project.


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