HMNT 1001-54 Week 3 Student Respond 2

I must say that my reaction to the story the open window was shocking for me on first hand. Because reading the story gave me the same picture as if it did when I listened to the audio I heard word-for-word and the first image that came to my mind was a young girl answering the door for her auntie until she came in the room. Next I watched the video of it and saw that my image was somewhat right when I pictured it in my mind from the time Mr. Nuttel came into the house. What it means for me as a learner is that I am a imagery type of person because once I listened to how he was speaking on the audio the tone in his voice was changing in different levels to me. And by that the audio helped me understand the story a whole lot better far as picturing it in my head.  As far as which one medium I enjoy the most was honestly all of them the written, audio, and the video that all gave me the same image in mind.In the Sojourner Truth’s speech (Ain’t I a Woman?)  I also read the written poem and the first picture that came to my mind was some country people sitting down talking. I then watched the video and saw Cicely Tyson telling the story I saw how she was very into each detail part of every person that spoke in the poem. The medium that I enjoyed was the video because it showed more expressions as she was retelling the poem.As I compare each form in both stories I can say that Bothe of them has their own meaning but very interesting on how each one tells it readers what the meaning was for of the story. To me that shows me that I am a leaner of two different types which they are auditory, and a visual type of person when it comes down to understanding things.ReferencesRead:Reuters (1985, Nov. 17). Girl’s death ends frantic 3-day fight. Toronto Star, p. A10.Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.Also read: Picture power: Tragedy of Omayra Sanchez from BBC News.BBC News (2005, September 30). Picture power: Tragedy of Omayra Sanchez.  Retrieved March 23, 2014, from

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